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Paleo Pure Gelatine

Product Code : PPG200



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Product description

  • High protein - Planet Paleo Pure Gelatine contains 91% pure protein from pasture-raised cows that are allowed to roam freely, eating their natural diet devoid of antibiotics, pesticides and growth hormones.
  • Free From - Pure Gelatine is Dairy, Gluten and Soy Free with no added sugar or sweeteners.
  • Ethically Sourced Gelatine - Planet Paleo take great care in how we source our collagen products. It is important to us, it is important to the planet and it is important to the customer.
  • Perfect in Hot Liquids And Recipes - For jelly: add 1 tablespoon (approximately 10g) of gelatine to 600ml of hot fruit juice until it dissolves. Empty into a glass tray and leave to cool before refrigerating until it sets.
  • For general use add 1 tablespoon to stews, sauces or soups to thicken.
  • Unflavoured, neutral taste