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Paleo Pure Collagen

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Product description

  • High Protein - 7500mg of Planet Paleo Pure Collagen powder per serving containing 91% pure protein. Our Bovine collagen is hydrolysed and has a low molecular density for easy absorption.
  • Ethically Sourced Collagen - Planet Paleo take great care in how we source our collagen. It is important to us, it is important to the planet and it is important to the customer. Our bovine collagen comes from pasture-raised cows that are allowed to roam freely, eating their natural diet devoid of antibiotics, pesticides and growth hormones.
  • Easy to use powder - Our Pure Collagen is neutral and can be used to boost your coffee, tea, smoothie or sports shakes, or even added into your baking. The powder dissolves easily and has no added flavours or sweeteners, making it extremely versatile.
  • Essential for repair - Collagen is a key ingredient in the body's repair process and used especially in the skin, hair, nails and even the gut lining. As we age our collagen levels are depleted. Pure Collagen contains collagen types 1 & 3.
  • Free From - Pure Collagen is Dairy, Gluten and Soy Free with no added sugar or sweeteners.