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Papaya Enzymes

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Product description

Papaya Enzymes :Carica papya L. (family: cariacaceae)

Papain powder in vegetable capsules.

Papaya Enzymes is a traditional preparation made from the juice of the unripe fruit of that name or, otherwise called Paw Paw, Papaw and Tree Melon. The plant is a native to Cenrtal America, South Mexico and tropical and sub tropical countries. The unripe fruit provides the Enzymes historically used to tenderize meat and as a supplement by people on a high protein or fatty,indigestible diet. It is a plant enzyme with a long tradition of use in both in Europe and tropical coutries.

In this product Calcium phosphate is an ingredient to provide the necessary alkaline medium (ph. 7.4) to ensure proper enzyme assimilation in the stomach.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.