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Bio-Nature Lemon Myrtle Multi-Purpose Liquid Soap - 250ml

Product Code : 5062





Product description

This simple multi-purpose liquid soap is designed to replace the need for several different body and hair cleaning products.

The all natural ingredients make it suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types, whilst the inclusion of lemon myrtle essential oil offers total cleansing protection for body, hair, skin and scalp.


As an antibacterial soap - For extra confidence when washing hands and face.

In the shower - Use as an invigorating all over body wash that cleanses and protects.

At bath time - Relax in luxurious suds to ease away aches and pains whilst cleansing.

Used as a shampoo - It not only gives a glossy clean shine to your hair but also helps clear and prevent dandruff on the scalp. May offer gentle protection from head lice.

Pet shampoo - Gentle and effective treatment for use on cats and dogs.

In the garden - A couple of drops added to water in a spray bottle offers a safe, bio-degradeable form of natural pest control for your fruit, vegetables, plants and flowers.


Aqua, a blend of Coconut Derived Surfactants, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid, Backhousia Citradora (Lemon Myrtle)*.