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Paleo Primal Goddess

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Product description

  • High Protein - 4200mg of Planet Paleo Pure Collagen powder per serving. Our bovine collagen is hydrolysed and has a low molecular density for easy absorption.
  • Supports skin, hair and nail health - Specially formulated to include the essential mineral zinc which aids the production of the skin proteins collagen and keratin, plus other beauty favourites such as Biotin and skin-hydrating hyaluronic acid. We recommend drinking 2 litres of water daily when consuming hyaluronic acid.
  • Proven Benefits - Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation. Zinc helps with the maintenance of hair and nails and contributes to the synthesis of the skin proteins collagen and keratin. Vitamin E protects the cells from oxidative damage.
  • Easy to Use - Shake up your supplement routine and get your clean protein from pasture raised Pure Collagen in a versatile, tasty, and easy way. The formula dissolves easily and is great with just water or added to a tea or smoothie.
  • Free From Nasties - The ingredients are free from fillers, GMOs, pesticides, growth hormones and antibiotics
  • Great berry Flavour
  • Ingredients - Collagen Hydrolysate (Pasture-raised Bovine), Acai Berry, Sea Buckthorn Berry, Schisandra Berry, Goji Berry, Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid), Burdock root, Horsetail, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E (D-Alpha-Tocopherol Succinate), Zinc Glycinate, Biotin, Natural Berry Extract Flavouring, Stevia Leaf.