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Magnesium & Calcium

Product Code : 801310





Product description

Magnesium is readily absorbed and utilised by the body cells and bones. It works as an activator for several enzymes, and influences many processes, which can aid growth and good health. Calcium is necessary for maintaining healthy bones and teeth in people of all ages. Magnesium and Calcium work synergistically together, and this provides a well balanced Magnesium source.

Directions:Adults and children over 12 years of age, three tablets daily, preferably with breakfast.

Warnings:None currently known

Ingredients:Calcium (calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, calcium malate, calcium gluconate), Magnesium (magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate, magnesium gluconate), Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Microcrystalline cellulose, Crosscarmellose Sodium, Acacia, Maltodextrin, Veg. Stearic acid, Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC), Titanium Dioxide, Veg. Magnesium Stearate, Magnesium Silicate, Triacetin, Mineral Oil, Poly Vinyl Pyrrolidone (PVP).