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Pata de Vaca Tea - 90 Teabags

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Product description

  • Often used in Brazilian medicine to balance blood sugar levels
  • Ideal for consumption after meals
  • Naturally fragrant tea

Perfect as a non-alcoholic digestif, Pata de Vaca is often consumed after meals in Brazil, helping to cleanse the palate and balance blood sugar levels.

Pata de Vaca (translated as ‘cow’s foot’) is a small tree native to the tropical rainforests of Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Asia. It grows to heights of around 5-10m and produces 7-10cm long leaves that are shaped like a cow’s foot. It is these leaves which are prepared to make an infusion or leaf tea.

In South America, Pata de Vaca is normally consumed as tea after each meal. It has been in used for more than 60 years by modern Brazilians.


Infuse one teabag in a cup of boiling water for 2-5 minutes. The tea can be sweetened with sugar or honey if desired. Best consumed after meals.


Pure shredded leaves of Pata de Vaca (Bauhinia forficata).